SAMB: Week in Review

I don’t know why, but I’m am still constantly surprised at how full the weeks are. Even a quiet one has something going on everyday.

It could be a half full DVR crash that took with it all those saved Mad Men, Psych and Downton Abbey episodes I was going to watch one day.

The acquisition of some news games. Phase-10 moves a lot quicker with only two people. Thanks hubs for almost always being willing to play with me.

Surprise at what new horizons the Sock Monkey has conquered.


And another goodbye (not nearly as irritating as the DVR which required 37 calls to Directv) as these friends headed off into the sunset to start a new phase of life together. This is a friendly goodbye, really, regardless of what my face says.

Now we have an empty DVR, which makes for more time to play games and an empty house for a few more days. It officially is starting to feel like summer.

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SAMB: Years in Review

I’ve been pouring my words into this blog for two years now. I was totally distracted from my plan to post today by going back through the random postings I’ve shared here.

It was two years ago I came home with the iPad I using right now and that was also around when my blogging adventure began. Just so happens I was coming home from a totally different job then.

Last April, I was all about the random spring weather, adoption and the community garden. Some things change, some stay the same.


This spring the weather has been ever more random than last spring (I’m looking at you thundersnow), but I was reminded that eventually the weather did cooperate..then the heat came and scorched everything. I’m still excited about the harvest that will come from the garden beds in my backyard but planting this year will a bit more challenging as bending in any direction is more of a comedy or errors than anything graceful or efficient theses days.


And I did write an entire post last year swearing that this would not become an adoption themed blog. Little did I know the winding road that was about to become. Or how it would be months before I’d ever mention the word again.

Even though I don’t post as often as I think about posting, I am reminded that I need the running commentary of memories because I’m pretty sure if I didn’t write it down, I’d totally forget more than I’d remember.

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One Word 2013


My word for this year is acceptance.

It starts to look really weird if you write it a lot.

One of my favorite examples of what acceptance can look like came from a book, UnMarketing by Scott Stratten. He says, “Don’t try to win over the haters, you’re not the jackass whisperer.” I’m happy to accept this.

But I didn’t find that by reading Scott’s book, I was reading a better book, Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly. Brene says so many amazingly insightful things that its hard to pick one but currently I’m looking at one of the many notations that I made in her book and it seems to fit well with my word of the year. I accept that “We can’t give people what we don’t have. Who we are matters immeasurably more than what we know or who we want to be.” I sense this will be core to my life particularly as I navigate parenting in the years to come.

Last year my word was vulnerability. This year acceptance. These are hard. Next year I’m hoping for something easy like sarcasm or snarky.

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SAMB: No Turning Back Now

One of the last things I do when I take possession of a new space is hang things on the wall. I don’t know why, but it feels like a big commitment. Bigger even than painting the walls. This doesn’t count hanging seething on a nail that was already there. That’s easy.

So, it is no small home decor accomplishment that this happened:


I guess this means this we have an official nursery and also surreal, but true, only 12 more weeks to go until this baby is due to arrive.

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Mornings with me

Lots of things happen at my house in the mornings because I’m an early riser.

Now, it’s not super exciting things, just random things. Theses days, my activity is centered around food. The trick is to prepare food that is delicious, filling and quiet because my house is typically occupied by 2-3 other people who do not feel the same way about mornings as I do.

Imagine my disappointment when I happened upon a smoothie recipe that’s loaded with all good things and that doesn’t taste like dirt, because there is not way to blend quietly. Seriously, there is not.

For the first couple of days I blended anyway, then the hubs mentioned ever so casually in his Jedi mind tricks kind of way that he’d been sleeping well, up until the blender. He didn’t yell, he didn’t pout, he just mentioned and then I was paranoid.

So I figured I needed alternatives. I came up with blending outside or blending in the garage. Outside would’ve been my first choice but the whole snow, freezing temps and darkness issues posed problems I didn’t want to solve. So I opted for the garage and after confirming that the Hubs did not even know I’d blended a smoothie yesterday, I can suggest to you the garage as an alternative smoothie blending site. If you’re in the neighborhood between 5-630 in the morning and would like a smoothie, stop by my garage and I’ll blend one up for you, guilt free.

These are a true and honest account of my mornings.

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Good times were had by all

I thought selecting pictures for the family profile would suck but it did not. There are actually a lot of pictures we wanted to include but there just wasn’t space. One on my favorites that was omitted  is included here but the context would have been too complex to explain, in writing, to someone we do not know.

It was actually fun and thanks to my iDevices, I had a lot of recent, good quality photos on hand. I hope we look like a couple of people who like each other and like to have fun (but not too much fun, just a responsible amount of fun as to not appear boring) and have a great community of family and friends that support us in our daily lives and will continue to do so as we add children to our family.

The part I enjoyed the most about this process is the many reminders that my life is awesome.


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I promise this is not morphing into an adoption blog

But seriously, it has stolen all of my words but the end of the constant writing portion is near. We will have a rough draft of our “pick us, we’re not homicidal maniacs” family profile album turned in by Friday and the first draft of our home study is complete and all typed up. After 6 pages of summarizing every detail of our life, the conclusion the adoption agency came to was this:

“…are an active, friendly, family oriented couple who have come to us seeking to adopt one or more children.  They are excited to begin the process of adoption and have the full support of their family and friends.  The couple is more than capable of providing for a child’s emotional, social, moral and physical well-being, and is financially able to care for one to three children placed in their home.  They will provide a nurturing and healthy environment for any child who is placed their home…behalf of…they are approved to adopt one to three child(ren) between the ages of infant to seven years old. 

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