SAMB: The Short Version

I am one of those people who had a baby at home because I didn’t make it to the hospital in time.

Never thought I’d be one of those people. I didn’t understand how it happened. How do you NOT know? Everyone says its so obvious. There are clear indicators. And its not like its an exceptionally quick process typically.

As of Friday morning at the doctor’s office, all signs pointed to…nothing. There was no movement on the labor front and I was scheduled to check in at the hospital Sunday evening to be induced. The conversation moved to the standard old wives tales of things to eat or do to bring on labor. The doctor mentioned eggplant, strawberries and pineapple. So for lunch I had eggplant fries from Murry’s. We stopped by Hy-Vee to pick-up strawberries and pineapple but those were still in the fridge, unopened, when I returned home on Monday, with a baby.


Friday night around 6:00 pm, I started having contractions. I mostly just felt really uncomfortable. And that is how the night progressed. My contractions never followed the “5-1-1” rule. They were always in my back, never moved to my abdomen. Did my water break? No. Yes. No. Maybe. Could have been. Who knows? What was my pain on a scale of 1-10? Never above a 7 or 8.

I just kept waiting for things to get really bad overnight, you know like obvious bad. Over the top, yelling dramatically, bad. I cannot focus on anything else kind of bad. Apparently, my threshold was higher than even I knew. When the baby decided to come, he came fast. I was really just along for the ride at this point. I don’t even remember getting to push, the contractions ran the show, I couldn’t have stopped it if I tried. I told JP this was happening and while on the phone with our doula, who was already on her way, he delivered our baby boy on the floor of our bedroom.

I had nothing to offer JP by the way of help at this point, I just watching things happen. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck 2 times, he unwrapped it and laid the baby on my chest. The baby coughed, then cried and our new family of 3 spent a few minutes looked at each other like WTF just happened.

And that is how I didn’t make it to the hospital.


That’s Deedee, or as we like to call her, the super doula. She arrived shortly after the baby and helped us move through the shock to action and we called 911. The emergency responders arrived shortly after the doula and although they were great, it was definitely a non-emergency by time they arrived, we basically just needed a ride to the hospital where we proceed to throw a big curve the wonderfully accommodating staff at Boone Hospital.

Below is Dr. Welch holding Theo Monday morning, the day of his originally scheduled induction. Really this experience is thanks to her eggplant suggestion.



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