Mornings with me

Lots of things happen at my house in the mornings because I’m an early riser.

Now, it’s not super exciting things, just random things. Theses days, my activity is centered around food. The trick is to prepare food that is delicious, filling and quiet because my house is typically occupied by 2-3 other people who do not feel the same way about mornings as I do.

Imagine my disappointment when I happened upon a smoothie recipe that’s loaded with all good things and that doesn’t taste like dirt, because there is not way to blend quietly. Seriously, there is not.

For the first couple of days I blended anyway, then the hubs mentioned ever so casually in his Jedi mind tricks kind of way that he’d been sleeping well, up until the blender. He didn’t yell, he didn’t pout, he just mentioned and then I was paranoid.

So I figured I needed alternatives. I came up with blending outside or blending in the garage. Outside would’ve been my first choice but the whole snow, freezing temps and darkness issues posed problems I didn’t want to solve. So I opted for the garage and after confirming that the Hubs did not even know I’d blended a smoothie yesterday, I can suggest to you the garage as an alternative smoothie blending site. If you’re in the neighborhood between 5-630 in the morning and would like a smoothie, stop by my garage and I’ll blend one up for you, guilt free.

These are a true and honest account of my mornings.


About nikirush

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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One Response to Mornings with me

  1. I now have a vision of a queue of early morning joggers outside your garage. Good post 😉

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