SAMB: My Apologies


So for the second time in my life, I’m spending 13 weeks with Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University (FPU) curriculum. As with spending that much time with any person, there are pros and cons.

Pro: I did not grow up in a family that managed money well. Once I went off to college, I immediately found financial “freedom” (and an endless source of free tshirts) with credit cards. I worked hard but I also spent more than I had. The first time I went trough FPU I learned about making a budget. I learned about saving, the idea of emergency fund that was cash in the bank and not a credit card was novel to me. The information was practical and helpful.

Con: I don’t know what real life Dave Ramsey is like, but the FPU speaker Dave Ramsey presented on DVD aims to be funny at the expense of others. He relies on a cheap shot or stereotype which is just plain rude. Among other things, he says women, specifically those in the role of wife, can sound like a yipping chihuahua to their husbands.

Pro: I’m participating in FPU as a leader this time. Fortunately, at a church that doesn’t support Dave’s stereotyped view of gender and scheduled time before the DVD to state that and offer a variety of other resources on gender related topics.

Con: This week, I was the one who got to stand up in front of the group before the DVD started and state the aforementioned Pro.

Pro: This is what I know to be true, men and women are different. Everyone’s view of finances is affected by their past. I do not sound like a yipping chihuahua.


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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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  1. LJ says:

    You certainly do not. Nice post.

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