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SAMB: This is not a list

I like reading a end of the year/best of/top 10 lists as much as this next person but even though it’s New Year’s Eve and all the other kids are doing it, I’m not going to make a list today. … Continue reading

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And then I spilled the beans

So yesterday morning I ended my post by saying I was off to quietly unpack things from my shopping trip to the big city. Allow me to take you on a journey of the adventure that followed me deploying that … Continue reading

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What day is it?

The easiest way to tell that I have fully acclimated to break- mode is that I cannot keep track of the days. The past 5 mornings I have woken up thinking its Saturday. Today I woke up and the conversation … Continue reading

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You can’t just throw it away

I originally wrote this post in April. For reasons that are unclear, I guess I never actually published it. Even now, when I walk past that spot in the parking lot, I picture this crumbled orange ticket. This is a familiar sight … Continue reading

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SAMB: In the thick of it

Roughly sixteen weeks ago I remember feeling anxious about the start of the semester and completely unprepared to start teaching. It’s the usual start of the semester route. By mid-semester, I brought it like a teaching all-star who could assemble a lesson on learning strategies, … Continue reading

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SAMB: Whole-hearted

A friend shared this TED Talk with me and it’s since become my mantra. It summarizes in 20 minutes what I’ve worked to learn and understand in years of counseling, participation in emotional health small groups and countless hours of … Continue reading

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