Give Thanks: Proximity

Yesterday started off weird. The hubs overslept and was late for his weekly breakfast man-date so the morning was frantic for a minute. I should have gotten up to get ready for work when he left but I didn’t. I laid in bed and cuddled with the iPad. Then around 8:00am the door bell rang and I nearly peed my pants. That never happens. I thought maybe a neighbor was in need of something but my neighbors don’t use the doorbell, what’s the point when they have a key. I wanted to respond quickly but I was stumped with indecision, pants or robe? What if it wasn’t a neighbor, what if it was a stranger, who would I be less embarrassed to see me in a robe? I spent much too long thinking about that. If I were being robbed, they would’ve been in the house by then.

I opted for the robe, and by time I got to the door, no one was there. I walk into the kitchen and from the doors there see a unfamiliar car and man outside in the driveway. Then I remember it’s Tuesday and Gary the Electrician is supposed to to be coming but he’s supposed to tell the Hubs, who’s supposed to be home when strange men come to fix things. But he’s not home. And I’m in robe. But I had been told Gary the Electrician is really nice and I really wanted the outlets and light switches in the upstairs guest room to work before my brother arrived the next day, so I opened the door, robe and all and said “Are you Gary the Electrician?” Thankfully he said yes, and had electric-y looking things in his hands and I invited him in. The hubs arrived within 3 minutes and they were immediately to work. Thank you Gary for not commenting on my disheveled attire or being a serial killer. You’re a saint for that and restoring the light switches and outlets to fully functional.

None of that is the point of my story. I ended up running late late for work, and leaving home I cross paths with my SiL (Sister-in-Law) returning home from dropping her kids off at school. And we both gave each other big smiles and waves and that made me happy. They live a mile away, literally, and I don’t see them enough but it was so nice after a morning of chaos to see her smiling face. I’m glad to have family close. I hope we can benefit from the proximity for a long time.


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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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