Give Thanks: Professional Development Funds

That’s code for a “I got a free iPad suckas!”

It is a totally strings attached kind of deal. I have to do things like be available to check emails AND respond to them outside of work hours. I am a walking database of guest speaker presentations on the ready. Want to talk about resumes, done. Taking notes, studying, reading, listening and other related college skills, done. You see me eating lunch at the student center and you want to schedule an appointment right after I finish my bite of turkey burger, ok then.

The strings also require that I return said iPad to the university upon my departure meaning, “you don’t have to go home, but your iPad stays here.”

That being said, I just completed my first wireless update. And the magical fairies that transmit information via the air and voodoo, worked and now my glitches are gone. I have to offer a sub thanks to this one, God bless ya Steve Jobs.

This is the nicest perk I have received in my professional career. I will have to keep my expectations low…for the rest of my professional career.



About nikirush

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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