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SAMB: Help for people who grew up too soon

Although I never asked, and I’ll never know, I often assume that my arrival on the scene was quite the surprise my for parents. The only solid piece of information I have for that assumption is that there’s no less … Continue reading

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SAMB: No Words

Sometimes, when I cannot come up with words of my own, I rely on the words of others. This is one of those occasions. “What great thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined … Continue reading

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You’re never to old

I got a free t-shirt today and I got real excited about it. Real. Just so happens that I got it on a day I’m wearing a free polo shirt I got a few weeks back. Working on a college … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned From Musicals

I treated myself to a Sunday matinee of the university Theatre department’s production of Into the Woods, one of my favorite musicals. Because I don’t have any classy friends, I went alone. Ok, I do have classy friends, but just … Continue reading

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SAMB: Age Appropriate

I went out on the town last night. Just to clarify, by out on the town, I just mean I went out. The opposite of staying in, sprawled out on the couch in my yoga pants. Interestingly, it reminded me … Continue reading

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