SAMB: A few of my favorites

I was really bored at some point this week (prolly sitting in a meeting at work thinking about how much I abhor meetings) and cleaned out the photos on my phone. There were some that reminded me of really good times and I just couldn’t delete them. Not the best pictures ever but they’re all in totally in the moment and unstaged.

Devil Sticks from McNally’s. So much cheese, so much deliciousness. I can’t wait to have some of those today.

This year Six thousand and  three hundred (give or take) freshmen started at the university. For the past 5 years the Hubs and I have gone out to help welcome them at the Tiger Walk event. Goofiness abounds.

“What do you wanna do? I dunno, what do you wanna do?”  So we end up doing nothing and just hanging out and hilarity ensues, particularly in the photo that came right before this one. I’m saving that for blackmail purposes though.

Don’t be distracted by that guy with all the kids, this photo is all about my new 2nd  favorite sport arena(Busch Stadium is #1), Livestrong Park. I cannot wait to go back. I was not immediately excited about spending my Labor Day at a soccer game but the experience made a believer of me. Take ya kids, take ya wife.


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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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