Sick day

Why does Ragweed exist? I mean seriously.

Because ragweed exists, I’m at home on the couch, heavily medicated yet still breathing awkwardly through my mouth because my nose is stuffy but running at the same time. I am an allergy sufferer and I am suffering.  I love the extreme heat of the summer because it’s typically a pollen free (or at least pollen low) season. Although 100 degree days are oppressive in their heat, they’re also days I can enjoy without any allergy relief medications.

I have friends, also allergy sufferers,  headed out of the state. They will enjoy days of ragweed-free fun in Colorado and Florida and it’s days like this I wish I lived in places like that. Places where allergies are the exception, not the rule. Where the great outdoors are enjoyed and not avoided. But I’m not going to Colorado, Florida, or anywhere fun like that.

I’ll just sit here on the couch watching daytime TV, trying to breathe and not to be jealous.



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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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One Response to Sick day

  1. DVD says:

    As a fellow allergy sufferer, I commiserate. I also recommend Dr. Wes Stricker, 446-7000.

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