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I had a plan

What had happened was, my new friend was having a baby, yea! Said friend didn’t have some essential things 5 weeks out from her due date, like a carseat. Being the problem solver, type-A personality I am, I¬†immediately¬†touched base with … Continue reading

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SAMB: There will be food

I grew up in a family of cooks. The bigger event, the more people who’d be cooking for it. I also grew up in a family of eaters. People happy to cook paired with people who also loved to eat. … Continue reading

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Making peace

For the past 8 years I’ve on a journey of learning what it means to be emotional healthy. The first step for me was making peace with my past. I didn’t know I needed to make peace with my past … Continue reading

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SAMB: A few of my favorites

I was really bored at some point this week (prolly sitting in a meeting at work thinking about how much I abhor meetings) and cleaned out the photos on my phone. There were some that reminded me of really good … Continue reading

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Retreat, day 2

I haven’t forgotten, I just blacked out for a week or two or three. Now I’m back and we won’t speak of the fact that university classes haves started again and I am knee deep in the graduating class of … Continue reading

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Sick day

Why does Ragweed exist? I mean seriously. Because ragweed exists, I’m at home on the couch, heavily medicated yet still breathing awkwardly through my mouth because my nose is stuffy but running at the same time. I am an allergy … Continue reading

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