Notes on Staycation, 3

End well.

Although it got off to a chaotic start, staycation is ending well. No commitments Thursday or Friday means that we’ll land this plane nice and smooth right into the weekend. It tends to take a couple of days to really get into the vacation vibe and this week has been no different in that sense. But I’d definitely prefer things to flow this way rather than have the activity increase during the last part of the week.

With that in mind, I am going to maximize on the benefits of a few days of rest and relaxation and take some time for a personal retreat over the weekend. I’ve always like a nice retreat, usually the ones I’ve attended have been centered on leadership or personal development but this time there’s not of that. No planning committee, no group activities, no group at all, just me.

Like the staycation, this is another first for me. I’m trying to apply similar rules, although I will be leaving home, that seemed essential because if I didn’t all of a sudden painting that trim would be come a matter of life and death, essential to complete before I begin any retreating related tasks.

I have a plan to leave the iPad at home (it’s hard to even write those words) but email and fun games are to accessible and I”m a weak, weak woman. I’m taking a few materials to inspire my thoughts but I’ve limited myself to 3 books and my journal. I’ll only be gone one day, don’t want to over commit.

I’m not thinking about this as a day off. This is the ending point of five days off. It’s about starting back up again. It’s about what I will choose to leave behind and I’m going take with me moving forward.


About nikirush

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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