Notes on Staycation, 2

Have a project.

Now that we’re homeowners, the hubs and I spend volumes of time plotting various projects around the homestead. (Not to be confused with a manor.) Before staycation, although it never crossed our minds to clear the social calendar, we both saw a golden opportunity to start and complete projects and ended up with a long list of “coulds”.

Thankfully, I experienced the least relaxing vacation ever and what I refer to as “work week” last summer right after moving in and I knew good an well that I could easily work a full 60 hours around the house during staycation if I wasn’t careful. So my plan of attack from the beginning was to select one relatively simple and inexpensive ($50 or less) project for the week. Something that wouldn’t require long periods of focused time but could be an all day project if needed (due to the restlessness).

Excessive heat warnings eliminated all outside, yard related activities immediately. Oppressive heat wins in that battle. The hubs suggested changing out the 1980s solid gold door knobs but that quickly went well past inexpensive. Then I landed on painting the trim. Something that has been bugging me for a year but never enough to motivate me to do something about it other than glare at the grimy, paint splattered spots.

Here’s the best part about having a project like that, it breaks down easily. On Sunday we bought the brush. On Monday we bought the paint. Today I may take a swipe at something with aforementioned brush and paint, or I may not. Either way, it’s served it’s main purpose. I’ve had something to focus on when my mind wanders down the path of I could be working on something around the house. It didn’t cost a lot of money, $30 for paint and $7 for the brush)  and if it doesn’t get done this week, I will just continue to glare at the trim hoping I can shame it into becoming white again.


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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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