Notes on Staycation

I am in the middle of my very first stay-at-home vacation AKA staycation and this seems like a good time to do some initial reflection.

Things I’ve learned, have a plan. It doesn’t have to be an hourly schedule, but I’ve learned the hard way that a solid plan can help avoid restlessness and over commitment, two things I’m prone towards. Being first timers, we’ve gone about the planning piece in a haphazard way. The hubs and I both agreed on a week, Monday-Friday we would each take off work, and that was about it. What that means is that we didn’t change anything else in the schedule. Regularly scheduled meetings outside of work stayed on the calendar. Plus for me, I figured since I didn’t have to work, I found myself saying lots of yes’s to invitations to other things because in my head I was going to have so much more time on my hands.

Big mistake. Huge. (I’m assuming everyone else hears Julia Roberts delivering those lines in Pretty Woman, yes?) The end result was that I was gone all day Monday attending to various commitments.  Tuesday was better, I just spent half the day driving around in the 107 degree heat.

If you’re planning a staycation, don’t do what I did. I needed a better plan for the week. Thinking of it through the lens of vacation, not just a few days off work to get other stuff done. If I would’ve been spending the week in San Clemente, CA I guarantee thoughts of meetings and productivity would not have crossed my mind.


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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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