SAMB: Too much fun for words

We’re hosting the Hubs’ Aunt V. and Grandma L. this weekend. And I do love hosting, I actually enjoy cleaning and all that prep work makes feel happy. And, this is their first time to visit the new homestead which they’ve loved just as much as we do and that’s always nice to hear.

The weekend has been even better than expected and these two woman defiantly have a joie de vivre spirit that makes almost everything end up being a hilarious story. So much so that I started this blog yesterday and I was going to write all about how it took Aunt V. exactly 1 hour and three runs of the coffee maker to actually produce a cup of  coffee that was drinkable. I’m not talking a few grinds in the bottom of your coffee cup situation, any coffee drinker has experienced that tale of woe and survived. This was an epic overflowing, lights flashing I’ve never even seen, ground in place they’ve never been, I wonder if I’m going need a new coffee maker after this, kind of situation. She feels bad, I feel bad for her feeling bad and Grandma L. sits across the room cracking jokes. It was a moment straight out of a family sitcom. And that was all before breakfast.

I could write an entire series about the rest of the day. Some of the titles might look like this:

  • Ask Grandma L. if she likes hummus
  • Where’s the camera, someone should take a picture of that (a repeated theme for the weekend yet here are still no pictures)
  • Wine Chronicles: Welcome to Gmail
  • Wine Chronicles 2: In the kitchen
  • Butt sweat, polyester and hairy man backs
  • Now Showing at Timbaz HiPointe Community Theatre: U2 circa Mullets and jeggings
It will be sad to see them drive away today, part of me wishes Hubs and I could sneak in the back of their car and go with. I would simply title the count of that adventure:
  • Tagalongs (not the Girl Scout cookie)

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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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