SAMB: Worker Mentality

“We don’t have to like every moment of our jobs, but we should be able to go home every night loving what we do.” Simon Sinek

Yesterday was the last day of summer orientation on campus. The last day went well. I met with some great families. Happy students, happy life. Wahooooo!

My summer actually begins now!

I only have about 3 weeks of it.

Even though the spring semester ended in May.

I try not to be bitter about it.

But sometimes I am because sometimes others don’t work in the summer, so that means I have to do even more than the expected and that is an irritating situation.

And so it goes every year. I reach the last day of summer orientation and I celebrate what is to come for my 3 weeks of summer and try not to linger on what could have been if that “other duties as assigned” list didn’t include literally doing someone else’s job.

It’s hard to summarize the conflicting emotions and so when I saw the quote from Simon Sinek on Facebook, I identified with it immediately. It so succinctly expresses my own feelings at the end of the day.  I had to read it 3 times just to make sure it sunk in. Then I had to let it marinate overnight. Then this morning, I logged into Facebook and it was there again and that’s when it clicked with me.

I really do love my job. It is one of the coolest careers I never knew existed but always wanted to find. At the same time, there are often moments in the day I want to slap someone for acting insane, entitled, unrealistic or just plain mean.   As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to accept that most things in life are rarely black and white and work is no exception. There are times when the very best and most accurate answer to the question do you love your job or do you hate your job is “Yes, both.”

*Thanks to AFHCoaching for sparking this conversation.


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