Dirty fingernails

For the first time as a homeowner, I worked in my yard.

Its been roughly 10 months and 3 weeks and 6 days since we bought this house and I’ve managed to dodge any and all manual labor related to the out of doors. Some might feel guilty about that*. A guilt about all the times when the hubs is outside mowing, or hacking away at some allegedly half dead or dying tree but not me. I’m thankful I’ve got nothing to do with it.

But one thing that has been bugging me are the weeds. They actually taunt me by multiplying at a fierce rate. I thought about lending a hand in the weeding department. I know a thing or two about weeding. And I couldn’t make things worse. And I have the iPad now to provide working music without having to be tangled up in earbuds. And monsoon season has struck in the midwest and the ground is primed for pulling. So, I weeded. And weeded and weeded. I’m still weeding. I’m starting to think that the weeding may never end. I’ve opened a Pandora’s Box in the yard because the part I started with looks so good, that the parts I haven’t gotten to, look even more terrible and overgrown.

It the worse kind of situation for an obsessive personality type like mine. I can’t stop. I thought I’d finish one little strip, the area I see the most, and I’d be done. Nope. Denied. I know right over there, just beyond the window are more weeds. Before, people driving or walking by would just think we were lazy for not weeding(yes, I can read their minds), now I know they can see and judge where I started and then stopped. Its a glaring faux pas.

So I keep weeding.

I have always thought the multiple planting beds surrounding my dream home were charming. I even unearthed a herb garden hidden amongst the weeds in one. I’m blissfully happy for all the landscaping I didn’t have to do. And at the same time I curse it. Hubs wants to start tearing them up and planting grass but I won’t have it. I will own them. He can have the rest of the yard, but those beds, weeds and all, have my full attention.

So I’m going to go do some weeding.

*The secret to a happy marriage in light of those situations is setting clear expectations from the beginning. I didn’t pretend like I’d ever take interest in the yard and hubs was happy to claim it as his domain and has yet to ask me to lift a finger per our original agreement.


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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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3 Responses to Dirty fingernails

  1. LJ says:

    Good luck! Weeding is a very rewarding but backbreaking effort. I know this from the once or twice a year I managed to have clear beds…

  2. DVD says:

    I recommend rock gardens.

  3. Jenny says:

    There was an unfortunate incident in college where my parents paid me to pull weeds on the side of the house. They stopped asking when I accidentally pulled up real plants. My question, “Why plant plants that could be mistaken as weeds?”

    Glad you’re getting your hands dirty. It’s good for the soul!

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