SAMB:Pot and Grass

Couple of weeks ago I came across a blog post using wheat grassas an easy spring centerpiece and I thought it was so easy and the color was so bright, I had to try it. I tried the organic section of my local grocer and didn’t come across the berries but it gave me an excuse to head over to the natural and organic food market across town. They had a couple different options of pre-packaged wheatberries, this variety is local I was told and therefore a more fresh berry. I couldn’t believe the price! Who doesn’t love DIY on the cheap?

I grabbed a couple of different pots and even a small serving dish I had in the kitchen and I already had a bag of soil on hand. I had to race to beat a spring storm, it was crazy windy last Saturday.

I saw sprouts after just two days, seriously, it was that fast and easy. This photo is about Tuesday or Wednesday.

I’ve been so happy with the finished product. Too bad the weather decided to revert to March instead of late April. Days of sun have been limited this week but the wheat grass grows so fast I’ve already had to trim it once just after 1 week but now you can’t even tell.

This was so fun and again, easy. I’m already planning what’d I’d do next time around. Definitely more wheatberries to get a really thick planting.


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3 Responses to SAMB:Pot and Grass

  1. LJ says:

    I absolutely love, love, love this!! So fresh and springy. I can only imagine how perfectly it coordinates with your room colors. Nice work.

  2. DVD says:

    I can juice that in my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. Can I come over and snip some?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love this, too! May have to “steal” this idea for our house too. Live plants but am terrible with them. This seems easy to take care of.

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