SAMB: Excitement pants

In chronological order, starting with most current reason to have on my excitement pants.

My infatuation with March Madness started back in college. The combination of a flexible schedule, disposable income, and green food coloring made the NCAA Tournament, especially the first weekend one of my favorite holidays. Thats right, I called it a holiday.  I plan strategically each year to have free afternoons so that Thursday and Friday I can maximize my basketball watching time.  My bracket is already busted this year but I’m ok with that. Now I’ll just root for the upset every time. Best part of the whole thing is that for the first time instead of making guest appearances pre or post work, the hubs is off this weekend and we’ve shared all the excitement from green beer to mocking Charles Barkley’s clear disinterest together.

I was on Facebook yesterday and saw that Maya Angelou was coming to town for a speaking engagement in April and the tickets were only $15!  I thought about it for all of 30 seconds and went immediately to the box office to buy them. Have you ever heard Maya Angelou speak? Any words? Ever? Her voice is like taking your favorite blanket and curling up into a little ball and wrapping your entire body in a cocoon. Yes, I will be there. I mean this woman is one of the main influences behind my choice of being an English major in college. I just wanted to study words all the time. To learn about them. To learn about how other writers used them. Oh man I’m excited just thinking about being in the same room with her. I mean the women knew Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., James Baldwin and Alvin Ailey. Mind blown, right now.

But wait, there is more!  in a yet another random act of “sure, why not, we purchased tickets last weekend to the Beale Street Music Festival and they arrived in the mail this week.  3 days of musical goodness (assuming I can avoid anything having to do with Ke$ha). The 2011 line up includes Avett Brothers plus Mumford & Sons, two artists I’m most impressed with currently. Plus artists I’m familiar with like MGMT and B.O.B. but would have never really been uber motived to see them live.

I didn’t have any particular expectations but this Spring is shaping up to be a winner.




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One Response to SAMB: Excitement pants

  1. Leash says:

    Sounds like a great spring you’ve got going so far.

    Right with you on March Madness. It’s all I’ve had on TV. Unfortunately, I’ve been watching a lot of it by myself, having a husband out of town and a sick kiddo. Better today, though, thankfully! Totally with you on Charles Barkley – I used bored to describe him, but I guess disinterested would be the word. 🙂

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