SAMB: Thoughts from Saturday’s reading…

…except for instead of posting on Saturday AM, imposting tonight. Life won yesterday. Don’t judge me Earl.

When people talk about the Sabbath, I get instantly defensive. It’s not their fault, I blame my upbrining. My traditional Black Baptist family couldn’t help put place more importance on being at church than what actually happened once you were there.

I can’t be mad about getting to hang out with my best friend from church at least once a week for several hours (did I mention it was a Black Baptist church? And if there was an evening program. We could easy spend 12 hours at church in one day). But what I was mad about on more than one occasion were those days when I had no desire to go to church because that was always a fight.

You don’t go to church on Sunday means you don’t hang out with friends. It was a 1 for 1 system. I hate admitting it but it worked most of the time. I really only remember 1 time when I threw down and refused to go to church and didn’t go to whatever thing my friends were doing that day.

So, that being said. The reading today reminded me that shoulds are dangerous. And that my faith is not about performing rites. And that some people just can’t see the forest because all those dang trees are in the way.

I am reading Devotions for Lent from Holy Bible: Mosaic at Check it out.


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I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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