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Let’s pretend today is the first day of Spring

Ok universe, let’s try this again. I’m totally willing to give you another chance at the season we like to call Spring. You’ve sucked it up, bad, with gray skies and more snow but I’m not one to hold a … Continue reading

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To call me brave might be a stretch

Monday night a grossly large spider came out of nowhere and pranced (I don’t know if spiders prance but this one seemed to be prancing) across the room in front of my eyes. I hate spiders (and crickets but that … Continue reading

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SAMB: Excitement pants

In chronological order, starting with most current reason to have on my excitement pants. My infatuation with March Madness started back in college. The combination of a flexible schedule, disposable income, and green food coloring made the NCAA Tournament, especially … Continue reading

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Will I Emerge as a Leader?

After a couple of weeks of writing, editing, griping, procrastinating and fretting, I finally compiled all of the information required to apply to the National Academic Advisors Association’s Emerging Leader Program.  I haven’t had to write a personal statement since … Continue reading

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Past my bedtime

I’m up past my bedtime and need someone to tell me to go to bed. Damn you HGTV you’re the devil with your back-to-back episodes of “My First Place” and the crazy dramatic, unrealistic home buyers. I wan’t to sleep … Continue reading

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SAMB: Thoughts from Saturday’s reading…

…except for instead of posting on Saturday AM, imposting tonight. Life won yesterday. Don’t judge me Earl. When people talk about the Sabbath, I get instantly defensive. It’s not their fault, I blame my upbrining. My traditional Black Baptist family … Continue reading

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“Do good instead of evil, and try to live in peace.”

For Lent I am reading Devotions for Lent from Holy Bible: Mosaic at Check it out. That verse capured my attention because if there was a motto for how I try to lead my life, it’s exactly that. I’m … Continue reading

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